Contour LED by Avention Global is the latest LED technology to hit Australian shores.

With the same power and LED spectrum as the other more expensive models, Contour LED is now an affordable option for all skin clinics and salons.

As a medical company we pride ourselves on bringing innovative and clinically proven technology to the market, so you can be assured you are not buying a gimmick or a product that simply does not work.

The advantage that Contour LED has over other LED and PDT devices are:

  1. Portable - can be moved easily between treatment rooms
  2. Teeth Whitening - A dedicated blue light for the teeth is available, adding another treatment option for your clients. Make their skin AND teeth beautiful.
  3. Multiple treatments - Can treat the skin and the teeth at the same time! No need to tie up a room longer than is needed.
  4. Affordable - We are a fraction of the cost of ALL LED competitors. Even if you have an existing LED machine and are looking at purchasing additional colours, speak to us first! You will be pleasantly surprised.
  5. 20,000 hours life expectancy of the LED's. (Thats' 7 years, if used 8 hours per day.)